Global Learning Project Initiatives

Global School 21 Project Initiative

Global School 21 Project was pioneered by GKE Foundation. The GKE Foundation has always had as a goal the incubation of for-profit Global School 21 (GS21) Project initiatives. Sometimes we describe these initiatives as School-in-School or S-in-S educational programs. GS21 and S-in-S are useful concepts, because when the “globalization” of education systems finally becomes a reality, a new form of schooling or collaboration will emerge. Campus fences rand classroom walls may still exist, but they will be nearly transparent and highly permeable. Each of the targeted incubated school-in-school projects will utilize similar Global Classroom learning environment supported by global knowledgeWEB learning technology infrastructure. Each participating global alliance member school will be an active part of the global educational exchange programs and collectively form a new global learning community. For further detail descriptions can go to (

Project CLASS Global Learning Initiative

Project CLASS is dedicated to building a global Chinese language & culture learning community with initial focus on the United States K-16 Communities. The Global Knowledge Exchange (GKE) and The Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) are building a robust, large-scale, nationwide “Learning Community” for Chinese language and culture. Strategic partners include government, higher education, business, and foundations – NEALRC/OSU, EEZ/NYIT, and others. Important project components include: a fully-articulated standards-based curriculum, innovative performance-based (real world) pedagogy, Global Multicultural Heritage Project (GMHP), a standardized modern technology infrastructure (Global Classroom), next generation language teacher professional development Center (Chinese CLASS-Net Academy), and an active “Chinese Speaking Countries Connection” that links CLASS teachers and their students with an array of resources in the Far East. Schools are organized in clusters with initial focus on 5 states (New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Ohio) and collectively they create a “pipeline” of K-12 Chinese learners that feeds seamlessly into higher education programs in U.S. and Far East.

PRISM Science and Mathematics Class-Net

GKE/GTA is working in partnership with PRISM (Professional Resources in Sciences & Mathematics) of Montclair State University to develop a global k-12 Science & Mathematics learning community by building a network of high-performance learner centric technology-enabled teaching & Learning centers supported by a next generation global teacher professional development programs.

Global Early Learning System Development Initiative

The Global ELS is comprised of materials that have been field-tested extensively in Asia. This is the result of a GKE strategic alliance with Learning Bean of China. The Global ELS emphasizes 21st century skills for success integrated with technology-based learning, individualization, continuous assessment and reporting, a feedback loop, and holistic (whole brain) learning approaches.

Following successful deployment in Taiwan and a successful field test in China, the Global ELS products and services are now being deployed in a large scale introduction throughout preschool institutions in the Greater China Region. The Global ELS approach does not encroach on traditional content and pedagogy. The Global ELS focuses on “how a learner learns well.” It nurtures in each young learner the required learning and innovation skills plus the critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills necessary for 21st century success. In addition, the program fosters concentration and attention skills, categorization skills, decision making, self-insight and direction, motivation and leadership, and the integration of rational and creative thinking as flexible, individualized processes. In short, this is a personalized learning system.

The GKE Global Early Learning System (Global ELS) views early learners, their parents, and their teachers as part of a well coordinated total learning team. It is supported by a set of well-integrated technology components which we call the “Intelligent Paper (iPaper) Instruction Delivery and Support System.” This modern user-friendly system includes: an Intelligent Pen (iPen), an Intelligent Box (iBox), a set of Intelligent Teacher Guides (iTeacher Guide) and Intelligent Student Workbooks (iWorkbook) in various languages. The system includes the cloud-based iCARE communications system used for teacher professional development and as a communication platform btw teachers and parents. We anticipate major expansion in China during 2012. GTA Teacher professional development is one of the elements.

For our current project activities at China please go to (

Global Nursing Initiative (GNI)

GNI is dedicated to the training & support of a next generation global nursing workforce and to developing a network of GNI-certified learning centers to increase the capacity of nursing education. GNI also dedicate to develop innovative new nurse supply chain to fulfill the worldwide shortage of nurse.

Medical Net Brain Initiative

GKE Centrix at China is currently assisting one of China's largest medical publishing houses in transformation from print material into new “cross-media” Book 2.0 & reader 2.0 operations. This is part of major Heath information system integration project to improve health service & learning initiative. We are well positioned for market entry into the health care education and training markets of both US & Grater China region. At a later stage, we plan to develop an HIT Academy School-in School program.

NYIT e-Press Initiative

A new joint venture between GKE and Technology Based Learning Systems (TBLS) with initial pilot focus to be the facilitating of NYIT faculty, students and institutional publishing. The e-publishing & services support platform will be provided by a GKE corporate member, the Centrix Multimedia Technology of China. The goal is to develop an outsourcing service capacity to other Education Institutions in US & globally as a new generation e-publishing dissemination and communication system for scholarly publication & communication systems.