The Concept of the “Global Teacher”

The new “global teacher” must be embedded in a new “global school” in order to function fully and to flourish. This will empower global teacher combines traditional instruction approaches and some of the most advanced scientific pedagogy along with modern education technology supported by a vast array of digital content resources.

The mission is to break down the physical and conceptual constraints of the traditional classroom and to finally realize the dream of “One World, One Classroom”. At the same time the goal must be to totally rethink the conventional K-12 school human resource management system in order to solve the urgent problem of a shortage of qualified teachers at the same time reducing the cost of school operations.

The new global teacher and new global school will serve as catalysts to stimulate the development on a systematic large-scale basis of educational exchange programs that model best education practices and that allow the sharing of resources and other services between schools worldwide.

On an parallel effort, GTA is actively in participate and/or create Global Learning Project Initiatives to serve as catalyst and for practice by its “Global Teachers”

In the near term, the Global Teacher Academy (GTA) plan to offer educational programs for those seeking a professional level of achievement as a global, online instructor. Through its highly trained staff of online learning experts, GTA enables those who have graduate degrees in various disciplines with the opportunity to complement their educational backgrounds and experiences with a specialization in online teaching. GTA’s educational offerings focus on providing you with the latest in instructional pedagogy necessary to become an effective and successful online instructor.

According to one’s career interest, on-line teaching opportunities are available for:

  • K - 12 Online Teachers in Math, Science, Language
  • College/University Instructors in all disciplines

You can apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • Master Degree
  • Reading, Writing and Conversational skills in English
  • Basic knowledge of educational technology and familiarity with WP, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint.
  • Interest in teaching on an online teaching career
  • Evidence as a life-long learner

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