Global Teaching Certificate

The Global Teacher Academy (GTA) offers educational programs for those seeking a professional level of achievement as a global, online instructor. Through its highly trained staff of online learning experts, GTA enables those who have graduate degrees in various disciplines with the opportunity to complement their educational backgrounds and experiences with a specialization in online teaching. GTA’s educational offerings focus on providing you with the latest in instructional pedagogy necessary to become an effective and successful online instructor. This 160 hour program consists of the following courses:

• Foundations of Global Teaching:
The framework for 21st century skills for learning addresses technology skills for communication, collaboration and problem solving globally. This course will introduce fundamental principles and learning theories for transforming teaching and learning 21st century skills to an authentic global learning environment. (40 hours)
• Designing Curriculum for Global Delivery:
The capabilities and limitations of digital content platforms in an authentic global learning environment will be studied. Participants will research and design current and appropriate instructional systems and applications for community building and developing social presence in a global online learning environment. (40 hours)
• E-Learning Assessment:
Performance assessment instruments for measuring student learning in a global learning environment. Will be designed, developed and evaluated. Performance assessments will address levels and types of interaction, communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Strategies measuring growth in e-learning will be studied. (40 hours)
• Practicum in Global Teaching:
Each participant will design, develop, implement and evaluate a global teaching project for an authentic audience. Participants will design a platform to support for multicultural learning communities. Projects will include assessment of system’s effectiveness in transforming teaching and learning. (40 hours)

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