About Us

The Global Teacher Academy (GTA) is a network of global-oriented professional developments centers that focus on preparing people for on-line teaching careers at the K to 12, and/or college and university levels. The global Teacher Academy (GTA) is founded by NYIT, GKE and other partners. GTA is not a teacher’s college; however, it is affiliated with key teacher training universities that specialize in preparing online instructors. Curriculums are based on the U. S. Framework for 21st Century Learning. Recruitment and placement services are available for students and participating schools.

The Global Teacher Academy is much more than simply a technology-rich school or professional development learning center. It will also provide the innovative online global teacher HR (Human Resource) Management service support system and Instructional support platform. Its true value is to act as a powerful catalyst/model to stimulate the effective practice of globalization in school systems and a Global Teacher human network that will generate a huge potential education value.

The Academy is a service offering by The Global Knowledge Exchange (GKE), a global and collaborative educational partnership of schools and colleges located throughout the world. GKE’s mission is dedicated to supporting the development of a “One World, One Classroom” concept. This is accomplished through a multi-faceted KnowlegeWeb Learning System and collaborative information exchange. GKE members are empowered with the capability to manage, deliver, and enhance effective online learning systems.

Global Knowledge Exchange (GKE) and Global Teacher Academy (GTA) Support the Framework for 21st Century Learning

The Framework for 21st Century Learning presents a holistic view of teaching and learning that combined a discrete focus on 21st Century student outcomes (a blending of specific skills, content knowledge, expertise and Literacy) with innovative support systems to help student master the multi-dimentional abilities required of them in 21st century. The key elements of 21st century are represented in the graph and description below. The graph represents both 21st century skills student outcomes and 21st century skills support systems.

GTA is committed to preparing students to live and work effectively in the 21st century. We are acutely aware of the new skills needed in the context of the global economy that include Critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication and proficiency in both core subjects and 21st century skills. Moreover, GTA recognize the importance of learning from and how to work collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, along with the development of usable workplace skills in other languages. These are increasingly important skill given the diversity within our states and Nation and connectivity to the rest of the world. Preparing our students for success and Eventual leadership in the new global climate is undoubtedly the most important task facing global business and education stakeholders in the dawn of the 21st Century.

GKE and GTA Develop the 21st Century Learning Center Environments and Professional Development Programs to Support the Learning Framework for 21st Century Skills.

For more information of Framework for 21st Century Learning, please visit the The Partnership for 21st Century Skills.